Insights from the The Real Estate Agent Study

Smart Marketing Habits For Real Estate Agents
Opening the Wallet: What Top Agents Spend on Marketing

Insights from the The Real Estate Agent Study

Last year, Network Communciations, Inc., The Real Estate Book and The OSR Group initiated a major study of the media and marketing practices of real estate agents.

In a six-part series, Ill share some of the insights and conclusions from the research. The data is rich and informative, so bear with me while I dig in, get dirty and try to sort all of the different points out.

The research serves as the foundation of a communications campaign that were currently running across the country to agents telling them about the smart marketing habits of successful agents. Our feeling is that times are tough, the best agents are going to focus on doing things that help them stand out in their business, and whatever information and confirmation we can supplywe should do it.

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