Tony Silber makes me sound more precise than I am

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Tony Silber makes me sound more precise than I am

My friend Tony Silber over at Folio: posted a nice summary of my keynote at the Niche Digital Conference a couple of weeks ago.

As did another summary of the talk, Tony makes the things I said seem clearer than when I said them. In fact, he summarizes my conclusions into 5 principals for todays publishing marketplace.

Id like to be able to articulate the Content-Sharing Model as succinctly as Tony does:

One new approach to serving a market, is the Sharing Model. It starts, McCarthy said, with the notion that Anything Im interested in, people who are interested in me will also be interested in. Based on that, then share what you have, as you get it. Go into the market, McCarthy said. We have people who are knowledgeable. Let them go find things out and share them with greater frequency. Its a level of confidence. Instead of having everything you learn go into a funnel to be produced in a magazine or as a Web site, share as it happens frequently, in an unproduced manner.

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