About Me

Viral Housing Fix was founded by Dan McCarthy, who started as a business journalist covering information and media trends. Dan then got an abiding interest in how technology affects the value and distribution of content. He is also the CEO and chairman of Network Communications, Inc, which is among the leading locally affiliated media companies. This organization serves the housing market with local magazines and websites, offering the necessary coverage. It was through this that saw the creation of Viral Housing Fix.

At Viral Housing Fix, we offer the best discussions on local media trends, social media, as well as interactive marketing. We only believe in providing top-notch information to our readers and clients in a way to supplement the lacking of quality internet marketing content online. We are also able to gain from the meaningful discussions we have on our website, which are aimed towards providing practical internet marketing solutions.

We aim to help you learn and understand the different marketing services. This will help to equip you with the knowledge to take you places in the digital marketing world. One thing you have to know about us is that we are fully dedicated to what we do. We highly value those who trust in what we are doing.

Local Media Discussion and Trends

When it comes to local media discussions, we are at the forefront of making sure you get relevant information. Local media is quite useful. Since we believe good things can still come out of it, we have made it a point to offer excellent discussions as well as trends in this area.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is quite crucial in digital marketing. It is a one to one marketing process that changes and reacts depending on the actions of prospects and individual customers. Therefore, it is something that we highly keep an eye on and deliver exceptional information to readers and customers.

Social Media

Social media has brought about many things and even made considerable changes in the marketing world. Being well informed about this area of marketing is vital to helping your business grow and reach more potential clients. At Viral Housing Fix, we are well versed in this area and provide great information.

Many people don’t understand how social media is a powerful tool that can skyrocket the success of any business. Hence the reason why we focus on quality discussions regarding social media and how best businesses can utilize it towards achieving unprecedented growth.